The need to shield flexible bellows on their interiors was an applicative consequence for parts that require a flexible sleave with two metallic flanges on its ends for a conductive connection. Actually the attachment areas are in metal (normally in steel or aluminium) and dimensions are those requested by the client; while the internal flexible and gusseted element is made of electrically conductive fabric that we manufacture, METALCOTEX, which assures, compared to the diverse competition, the following advantages:

  • Resistance of adhesion of the metal to the single fibres;
  • Presence of only pure Nickel and absence of Copper guarantees stability from galvanic corrosion;
  • Remarkable shielding capacity due to the presence of intrinsically clad multi-filaments.


We currently provide from small dimensioned bellows for passage of cables up to large opening sections, where even a person may pass: beginning from the dimensions provided by the Client, the useable interior dimensions, the opening that requires the boot and the type of attachment.

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