Oscillators: MVCO-series

MVCO is Low Phase Noise and Small Package Wideband (typically octave) Voltage-Controlled Oscillator It Is Ideal Oscillator for PLL Synthesizers where Small Dimensions and Power Consumption are Necessary.
MVCO Consist of:
  • Octave-Tuning LC-Tank
  • Bipolar Transistor Amplifier for Low Phase Noise at Close Offsets
Frequency Range
1 to 4 GHz (Octave Tuning, Model
Low Phase Noise
1-2 GHz Model
-120 dBc/Hz typ. at 100 kHz Offset
Output Power
0…8 dBm (Model Dependent)
Harmonics -13 dBc max.
Frequency Tuning Octave, Vtune=0…20 V
Supply Requirements +5 V, 40 mA max (Model Dependent)
12,63×12,63×3,5 mm max (Model

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