Protecting electrical systems from temperature extremes is imperative to maintaining aircraft functionality. Thermal analysis is important to the design of heat shields, anti-icing systems, propulsion system integration, and maintenance of controlled environments in cabins. Ensuring that electrical equipment maintains critical temperatures improves strength and component life.

SYMMIC Software

SYMMIC is a software package for design-stage thermal analysis of high-power RF components. The easy-to-use simulator facilitates detailed analysis of heating in Field Effect Transistors (FETs) and Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs).

FZSim Software

This simulator models the growth of Silicon by the Float-Zone technique. The Float-Zone simulator captures all phenomena controlling the growth process: Electro-magnetic heat input, Electro-magnetic free surface pressure field, Electro-magnetic stirring of the melt, coupled radiation/conduction/convection heat transfer in the charge, gas phase convection, and dopant mass transfer in the gas and in the melt.

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