The following logging sondes can be integrated into one tool string: Auxiliary Logging Sonde, Telemetry/Gamma Ray Sonde, Natural Gamma Spectroscopy Sonde, Common Electronic Cartridge 1, Compensated Neutron Logging Sonde, Litho-density Logging Sonde, Micro-Spherical Focused Logging Sonde, Poteclinometer, Common Electronic Cartridge 2, High Definition Sonic Logging Sonde, Dual Lateral Logging Sonde (or Dual Induction Logging Sonde), Independent Four-arm Caliper, etc. The above-mentioned logging string can be integrated with multiple surface systems.

High Reliability

In order to enhance the stability and reliability of the System, a lot of measures have been adopted.
The following is some of (not limited to) the measures:

  • Design and manufacture under the reliability conception;
  • Optimization and standardization;
  • Electronic component reliability design;
  • Redundant design;
  • Electro-magnetic compatibility EMC;
  • Anti-shock and anti-vibration consideration;
  • The application of common electronic cartridges for numeral logging sondes;
  • Strict screening and ageing procedures for electronic components;
  • Strict reliability test.
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