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All customers are on a very highly dedicated and sensitive deadlines and are in an environment that requires considerable expertise and border on extreme conditions. Our trained and capable personnel know what is required to get the job done. We make sure that our wireline logging tools and equipment’s are of premium quality and are extremely reliable. We concentrate on minute details on our products built around the world using the best practices of  manufacturing, innovative research and development, using state of the art designs and quality control.

Open Hole Logging Tools

Open Hole Logging Tools

The Open Hole Logging Tools  provides detailed borehole data, which is then used to provide all aspects of the formation for the client to decide if their well is a producer or not.

Cased Hole Logging Tool

Cased Hole Logging Tools

Cased Hole tools are used to detect casing deformation, bending, fracture, holes and inner wall corrosion, cementing quality, production profiles and saturation.

Special Services

Special Services

We can provide basic, standard and specialized products anywhere in the world. Our experienced professionals and logging equipment’s allows the clients to have a very good knowledge of their well.

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