Multi-Finger Calipers is used to detect casing deformation, bending, fracture, holes and inner wall corrosion by individual measuring fingers. The Non-Contacting Displacement Transducers (Patented Technology) are used to make high coverage and accurate measurement in limited tool diameter.

Measuring fingers and centralizing fingers are opened and closed by a motor, and the caliper works centralized. Supported by springs, measuring fingers move along the inner casing wall, and changing with it. Displacement of each finger is reflected to its sensor directly and all the displacement signals will be processed, coded, and transferred to surface system where the image of the casing can be obtained.

Technical Features

  • Compatible with Warrior surface system. Able to combine with electro-magnetic defectoscope tool, well temperature tool and CCL & GR to work simultaneously.
  • 3D image enables easy visual evaluation of damage status of casing.
  • 3–sectioned tool structure design enables simple assembly and disassembly which ensures effective trouble shooting. Easy maintenance for both major components and consumable parts.
  • Carbide Alloy measuring tips of fingers are anti-abrasive with long service life. The fingers can be easily replaced by one engineer within few minutes.
  • With design of strong finger elasticity and sand prevention, successful performance can also be achieved in heavy mud wells with high accuracy.
Max diameter of tested string
12 3/4 in. (324 mm )
Min diameter of tested string
1 15/16 in. (50 mm)
Max thickness of single casing
5/8 in. (16 mm)
Max thickness of double casing in total
1 in. (25 mm)
Accuracy of thickness
Single casing
0.02in. (0.5 mm )
Double casing
0.06in. (1.5 mm )
Min length of axial crack
2.5″ single string
1 15/16 in. (50 mm)
5″ single string
2 3/4 in. (70 mm)
O.D. 43 mm (1 11/16”) 73mm(2 7/8”) 90mm(3 1/2”)
Working Temperature -20- 175℃(-40-350℉)
Working Pressure ≤100MPa (15,000 PSI)
Working Voltage 90V±2
Measurement Range 45-180mm(1 3/4”-7 1/12”) 80-210mm (3 1/8”-8 1/4”) 100-245mm (3 15/16”- 9 13/20”)
100-350mm (3 15/16”-13 4/5”
with extension fingers)
Measurement Accuracy ±0.5mm (±0.02”)
Resolution 0.1mm(0.004”)
Deviation Range 0-180º
Deviation Accuracy ±5º
Deviation Sensitivity 0.1º
Relative Azimuth Range 0-360º
Relative Azimuth Accuracy ±5º
Relative Azimuth Sensitivity 0.1º
Transmission Mode Mono-conductor
Speed ≦600 m/h (1968ft/h)
(Vertical Resolution =8mm or 5/16”)
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