This is complimented by an exhaustive Program devised to continuously adopt ways to reduce impact on the environment, and maintain complete compliance with the environment.

Open Hole Logging Tools Are As Follows

Surface Acquisition System

The Surface Instrument consists of a display console,a power supply rack, control rack and a stand-alone depth and hoist panel. The control rack includes a perforating a signal conversion panel

Micro-Conductivity Imager

Micro-Resistivity Formation Imaging Tool

The Formation Micro- Resistivity Imaging Tool provides  borehole resistivity image data. Six pads on the tool are pushed against the borehole wall by an actuating device.

Multi-Array Induction Tool

Multiple Array Induction Tool

Multiple-Array Induction Tool utilizes different spacing and frequency measurements to acquire induction data from the formation. The tool acquires resistivities from different investigation depths of the formation.

Triple-Combo Sondes

Triple-Combo Tools

Triple-Combo tools are used for real time measurement of different formation data. Different Logging sondes can be integrated into one tool string: Auxiliary Logging Sondes can be added into the string for auxillary measurement.


Adapters and Clamps

From various Clamps to a range of accessories of Pressure Control Equipment, all are simple

Multi-pole Array Acoustic Tool

Cross Dipole Array Acoustic Tool

This tool can be used to make mono-pole, multi-pole array acoustic measurement, x-y dipole array acoustic measurement measurement.

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