Cement Bond Tool detects the bonding of the cement to the casing and formation. Casing that is not bound to the cement or formation has a higher vibration than that which is bound. Hence this causes less energy from the sonic signal to be transferred to the formation and the reflection energy is higher. When the amplitude of the waveform received is measured, it gives us the information that is evaluated as free pipe or bonded pipe.

The data collected by the tool is recorded on a log which is used as an indicator of cement bonding and isolation of the different zones in the well. Our CBL tool can provide reliable cement bond data for the complete sizes of casings and various down hole environments.


  • Determine bond between casing and cement and cement and formation.
  • Identify zones of isolation
  • Detect Micro-Annulus


  • Indicator of Cement Quality from VDL (variable density log) and Amplitude measurement
  • Estimate the Quantitative strength of cement.


  • Compatible with Warrior surface system.
  • Different tools like Neutron , Temperature can be run in combination
  • Easy maintenance of tools.


Max. Temperature
350° F (175° C)
Max. Pressure
18,000 PSI (124 MPa)
Operating Voltage
120 VDC
Transmiter Signal
20 kHz
63 lbs (28.5 kg)
160.06″ (406.56 cm)
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