Electromagnetic defectoscope can be used to inspect tubing and casing, which saves operating cost and time to run-in and pull-out tubing string when detecting the casing string. Electromagnetic defectoscope can also be used to inspect two-layered casing strings.

The physical fundamental of the Electromagnetic Defectoscope is Faraday’s induction principle. When supply current into the transmitting coil, there will be time-varying induced EMF in the receiving coil. If there is thickness variation or defaults in the pipe string, the induced EMF shall alternate timely. After data processing, one can diagnose fissure and openings in the pipe string and measure the pipe string thickness variation.


    • Measure the thickness of tubing and casing
    • Detect corrosion and damage of pipe string
    • Detect the horizontal and vertical crack, fracture and deformation of pipe string
Max diameter of tested string
12 3/4 in. (324 mm )
Min diameter of tested string
1 15/16 in. (50 mm)
Max thickness of single casing
5/8 in. (16 mm)
Max thickness of double casing in total
1 in. (25 mm)
Accuracy of thickness
Single casing
0.02in. (0.5 mm )
Double casing
0.06in. (1.5 mm )
Min length of axial crack
2.5″ single string
1 15/16 in. (50 mm)
5″ single string
2 3/4 in. (70 mm)
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