EMAG Technologies Inc.

has been developing innovative RF solutions that are widely used by the government, academia and industries around the globe. We provide a wide range of software and hardware solutions that combine commercial products, custom solutions, and modeling, design, prototyping, and test & measurement services.

EM-CUBE 3D EM Software

EM.Cube® is an industry-recognized software environment for the modeling and simulation of RF system engineering problems. It has a modular architecture built on a core foundation that is shared among a growing number of plug-in simulation engines. EMAG Technologies Inc. has successfully integrated its electromagnetic modeling tools (full-wave, asymptotic, frequency domain, time domain, etc.)



NeoScan® is a turnkey, electric or magnetic field probe and measurement system. It can be configured as a near-field scanning system for mapping aperture-level field distributions with minimal invasiveness to the device or system under test. Or it can be used as a real-time field probe system for sensing or detecting electric and magnetic fields in a variety of media. NeoScan can be used as an essential tool for test and evaluation of antennas and phased array systems and is particularly useful for phase characterization and calibration. Unlike conventional near-field scanning systems that utilize metallic radiators to pick up the fields, NeoScan probes are non-metallic, and their operation is based on electro-optic (EO) or magneto-optic (MO) effects. Our field probes feature extremely small EO or MO crystals mounted at the tip of an optical fiber. The combination of the small probe size and absolutely non-metallic parts thus leads to the ultimate RF non-invasiveness.

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