Lorentz Solution

Inc. presents the PeakView™ electromagnetic design platform providing users with a fast, completely automated, IC design experience. The state-of-the-art software suite, along with a Method-of-Moments-based full-wave EM solver at its core, radically eases the process of high frequency semiconductor design.

PeakView EMD™

PeakView EMD™ is a fast, 3D, full-wave and high-precision electromagnetic solver for on-chip passive device synthesis. EMD™ has an extensive synthesis library of parameterized devices aiding designers as they explore, design and adjust advanced components in preparation for circuit simulation and optimization.

PeakView™ HFD™

PeakView™ HFD™ is an electromagnetic and parasitic inductance extraction tool for evaluating the electromagnetic behavior of critical signal paths in high-speed designs for advanced process nodes. At microwave and millimeter wave frequencies, full-wave electromagnetic (EM) modeling of interconnect routing become indispensable to accurately characterize the parasitic inductive (L) effects of these structures.

PeakView’s LEM™

PeakView’s LEM™ solution provides users with a fast, easy to use, 3D EM modeling capability from within their design environment. A single click from within the Virtuoso® or Laker™ layout views allows for designs with passive structures and interconnect to be automatically extracted for a complete 3D electromagnetic analysis.

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