Computational Sciences, Inc. develops and applies innovative, user-friendly software tools for scientific research, education, and commercial applications. Our software is used to accurately and efficiently simulate the radiative, hydrodynamic, atomic and spectroscopic properties of hot gases and plasmas.


PrismSPECT is a spectral analysis code designed to simulate the atomic and radiative properties of laboratory plasmas.With PrismSPECT, users can easily investigate how plasma spectral properties change with plasma conditions.


HELIOS is a 1-D radiation-hydrodynamics code that computes the hydrodynamic evolution of radiating plasmas in planar, cylindrical, or spherical geometry.
With HELIOS, users can simulate the dynamic evolution of laser-produced plasmas and radiatively-heated plasmas.


Spect3D is a multi-dimensional imaging and spectral analysis package.Spect3D is typically used to post-process results from hydrodynamics simulations to compute images and spectra that can be directly compared with experimental data.

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