RAD HARD Memory Modules from 256KB to 4MB

RC7C512RHS, Rad-hard 512kbit (64kbit x8) SRAM
RC7C512RHM, Rad-hard 512kbit (64kbit x8) SRAM
RC7C512RHH, Rad-hard 512kbit (64kbit x8) SRAM
RC7C1024RHS, Rad-hard 1Mbit (128kbit x8) SRAM
RC7C2048RHM, Rad-hard 2Mbit (256kbit x8) SRAM
RC7C4096RHM, Rad-hard 4Mbit (512kbit x8) SRAM

Rad-hard Libraries for ASICs

RadLib18, Rad-Hard Standard Library 1.8V (300krad)
RadLib33, Rad-Hard Standard Library 3.3V (300krad)
RadLib50, Rad-Hard Standard Library 5.0V (300krad)
RadLib18LD, Rad-Hard Standard Library 1.8V (100krad)
RadLib13, Rad-Hard Standard Library 1.2V (100krad)
RadPad18, I/O Rad-Hard Pad Library (1.8/3.3V)
RadPad33, I/O Rad-Hard Pad Library (3.3V)
RadPad50, I/O Rad-Hard Pad Library (1.8/5.0V)
RC1KbitRHM x1, Rad-hard SRAM 1kbit x1
RC2KbitRHM x1, Rad-hard SRAM 2kbit x1
RC8KbitRHM x1, Rad-hard SRAM 8kbit x1
RC16KbitRHM x1, Rad-hard SRAM 16kbit x1
RC32KbitRHM x1, Rad-hard SRAM 32kbit x1
RC64KbitRHM x1, Rad-hard SRAM 64kbit x1
RC7C512RHSE , Rad-hard SRAM 64kbit x8


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